Lucas 7 Months


My Lucas is 7 months old! I can’t believe it.

He is the absolute sweetest, happiest baby. He may wake up earlier than we would like some days but seeing his bubbly face makes it all worth it.

He’s starting to eat food and makes epic faces at sweet/tart items. He’s still nursing and demands my attention when he eats – no phone or books allowed, he also has disdain for conversation while he’s trying to focus on his meal. If these rules aren’t followed, he’s not afraid to bite me but I am compensated with hand-holding.

He is obsessed with the remote and will cry when Danny takes it from him. He is indifferent to television but will watch sports – especially if his Dad is holding him.

I get to hold him when he sleeps and it’s my favorite thing. Especially because he is a rolley poley in his crib and I worry he’ll suffocate.

He hates daycare. HATES daycare. He cries all day long and it breaks my heart. Danny has to do drop-off because I can’t handle it. When I pick him up he clings to me and refuses to let go. Fortunately, Grandma and Grandpa are able to visit him on occasion and that helps all of us. Another bright spot is he only goes 3 days a week and on other days he’s with people he loves best.

Although it might seen that he is always showered with attention, he actually enjoys playing by himself with his toys. He can’t really crawl but he’ll roll and wiggle to get to his toys and be perfectly content without adult interaction.

I won’t say that he can’t crawled because he was pretty close to full crawl mode to get Danny’s water bottle, which he opened and started drinking out of. He can crawl backwards but that often leads to him getting stuck under furniture… He does get up on his hands and knees and shakes his booty and it’s hilarious.

He saw Estella again and was surprisingly super sweet. He immediately went to hold her hand and pet her hair. Pet and not pull which was the surprising part.

Lucas LOVES to bounce and Danny insisted we get him a bouncer and he loves it.

His two top teeth are breaking through and he’s going to look like a baby beaver soon. He’s slimming down a bit but is still a shorty (12% for height).


One thought on “Lucas 7 Months

  1. He is a special, great baby, toddler. I can’tell wait to see him. He is very smart. He knows how to make his needs known. Hugs and kisses Lucas.


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