Lucas 9 Months

Lucas is such a sweetheart. We are convinced his deliberate objective in life is to make us smile and laugh – and his laugh is the absolute best and he still saves it mostly for us.
He’s so thoughtful that he decided to say ‘Mama’ on Election night because I was inconsolable – I was still inconsolable but what a sweetheart.

We’re also convinced he’s a baby genius. He has two different flip books and the pages don’t always open in the same direction but he knows exactly how they open. He also knows the queues to open the flaps. His hand eye-coordination is great too!

Most impressively is that he knows to go backwards down steps. He’ll crawl at lightening speed but knows where the step is, stops and turns around. He also knows of other dangers/things he should not be doing and carefully checks to see if we’re around before he completes his mission (yes, we’re always around. no, that does not stop him).

Lucas is adventurous. He loves to explore new places and climb stairs. I’m sure I’ll be reporting that he’s walking next month.

He’s also serious and sits with perfect posture at the little kid table to play puzzles.

He will go with new people but needs time to adjust. He’s FINALLY adjusted to daycare and seems to really enjoy it now.

Lucas is a good sleeper if he’s being held, otherwise – good luck! I spent the month trying to get him to sleep independently but it only resulted in sleep deprivation for myself. So Lucas and I cuddle all night and in the mornings he cuddles with Dad. Not AMA approved I know but it works for us.

He’s still our little meatball and hungry man. He doesn’t really care for fruits but likes veggies. Broccoli is his favorite and he loves chicken nuggets!

It’s hard to believe he’s still spent more on the inside than out because I feel like I’ve known this boy forever. I adore you Lucas Mikhail.


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