Showing Love


As an avid blog reader and lack blogger, I easily get caught up in the illusion of perfection put out there. The blogs I follow often post disclaimers that they share only pieces of their lives and not the whole picture but still I can’t help but want to emulate what I see. One of my favorite bloggers, Jessica Garvin, always does cute holiday themes for her kids and it’s something I always wanted to copy when I became mom.

In practice, I’ve found that almost anything I do to commemorate a holiday is more for me than Lucas because he won’t remember it. But now that we’re approaching his one year, I thought I’d start establishing our own traditions. To start us off I made heart shaped Belgian waffles this weekend. It was delicious, easy (especially because I used pie filling we already had) and fun. Even better, I remembered that we used to cook a lot and I miss it.

I was also reminded that we already have family traditions. Each year Danny’s mom made his dad a heart shaped cake with pink frosting. Since she passed away , I’ve started making him a cake and adding my own heart design as a personal touch.

It is often the only cake I make in a year and I’m happy to say it’s getting to both look and taste better. This year I found a buttercream frosting recipe that was perfect. I often feel the need to try new things for the sake of trying new things but now that time is a precious commodity when I find something that works I’m going to stick to it. So this is the buttercream frosting recipe I’ll use for cakes going forward. The cake itself is still in the testing phase because this recipe was denser than Mr. B prefers but progress.

I’m sure our Valentine’s activities will change in the years to come but I hope we will always keep these traditions.


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