Weekend Update

Saturday: It was very unseasonably warm and Cara and I decided to meet up at Kensington for a walk – it was a thought that occurred to most in the metro area… Lucas met Lillian and Emily for the first time but since they had all just woken up from a nap it was a little anti-climatic. Afterwards, we picked up Bates for dinner and had a picnic in the park. Lucas LOVES to swing and people watch. We met some neighbors and had a good time. In the evening we went to the Hakalas for a long overdue hangout and enjoyed a bonfire under a starry sky. Part of the reason we were outside all day is because I FINALLY painted the front windows and it completely transformed the living room – this picture doesn’t really do it justice but imagine hideous beige windows.






Sunday: Aunt Mikki came over to help me with wallpaper and OMG! She did a PHENOMENAL job! I’m SO glad I decided to jump on the wallpaper bandwagon and even more grateful that she took the time to put it up for me. We also continued our MARVEL marathon with the Shiremans (Thor and The Avengers). How cute are these kiddos? The boys really are buds and were rough housing and having a ball. Little Miss. Cindel helped keep them inline.




Monday: I had President’s Day off and it was wonderful. It felt like a luxury since few people get it off and I felt like I got to play the fantasy of stay-at-home-mom (i.e. car needed to be towed to the mechanic and I was covered in mucus and drool for most of the day with a baby who fought sleep like you wouldn’t believe – it was the best!). My Mom came over and we took Lucas to the park. I seriously cleaned our house so it’s a nice way to start off the week. Mr. B came for dinner and I encouraged the guys to go for a stroll around the block (the picture is darker than reality). Now I’m blogging, working and looking forward to the week ahead – it’s a busy one.




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