I’m Not Sorry


“Apologize. Never say I’m sorry because you’re not sorry – you’re wonderful.”

It was a passing comment made to me by an older woman at a public event after I accidentally bumped into her and immediately said, “I’m sorry.”

Her comment has stuck with me for all these years and I almost never say “I’m sorry” anymore. I acknowledge my mistakes and apologize but I don’t take on the identity of my errors.

I think in our society – especially women – are always saying sorry for something:

  • Being late
  • Being distracted
  • Loud children
  • Being slow
  • Rushing
  • Not being considerate enough
  • Being too considerate
  • Not feeling well

The list goes on and on.

In avoiding the phrase, I’ve noticed I take my failures less personally. They are actions that can be improved upon but they don’t reflect who I am.

Since I’ve found it to be such good advice I wanted to pass in on.

Has a stranger offered you thoughtful advice?

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