Best Friends


It’s National Best Friends Day and while I don’t normally recognize these daily ‘holidays’, I have the BEST friends who are regularly subjected to blog related pictures so they’ve earned a post. Most people have a hard time finding one best friend, I have six and I love them all dearly.


My Sister – B
B is my best friend. She’s always there for me and has my back. She’s also my sister so we fight like no other and literally tear each others hair out. It’s a balance. The best/worst of both worlds – if you have a sister, you get it.


My Sister from Another Mister – Gina
This one literally makes me cry because Gina is moving and I don’t know what I’ll do. I’ve seen her at least once a week for eight years. We’ve been through so much together – including having our baby boys at the same time! I’m happy for Gina but totally heartbroken for myself.


My Best Friend Forever – Cara
You know its special when you’ve been friends with someone since before puberty. Cara and I have been through everything together! It has not been easy and we’ve had some major fights but you know what they say – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and that has definitely been the case.


My Person – Lindsey
If I commit a crime, Lindsey is the person I’m calling because she’ll have my back no questions asked. There is no formality with us and no effort but that’s what makes it perfect.


The Super Duo – Kat & Melissa
They’ve been paired together their whole life and I can’t change that. The Takach Girls are hard to beat. They are family. Melissa is my workout buddy and Kat is my marathon girl (television – not running). I’m so glad that I get to be friends with both of them. #iloveyouincasewedie






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