Snapshot Michigan: MSU Children’s Garden

21104064_1036019053200943_349524552_oMy Mom wanted to take Lucas on a summer trip to Grand Rapids and they let me and Danny tag along. To make it more of a ‘vacation’ we left Friday night for East Lansing and went to Michigan State University’s 4-H Children’s Garden on Saturday morning. It was an afterthought destination but turned out to be the highlight of the trip.

The Garden is small enough to be walkable (great for Lucas) but big enough to be worthy of a day trip. The Children’s Garden is made up of small themed plots from popular children’s stories – Alice and Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, the Secret Garden, etc. When Lucas is a little older I’ll plan a reading tour for us to enjoy the books in each section of the garden. It’s also the perfect place for family photos.

In addition to the themed garden, there is a vegetable garden with a peanut butter and jelly plot – perfect for our ‘samwich’ lover!

We also enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the horticulture garden and saw some beautiful flowers and succulents (my new computer background).

21082294_1036020129867502_331561466_o21082146_1036020029867512_1473577966_o21013822_1035497393253109_647922149019211811_o20988818_1035497399919775_7076290471357536081_oMSU Horticulture Gardens21124938_1036029059866609_2057964246_o21082008_1036029853199863_574940424_o21123079_1036018793200969_1728153811_o

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