Lucas’ Favorite Things

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I didn’t want to be the house with lots of toys but alas. Lucas has quite the personality and I love to watch him get creative. Lately he pretends his tool set is a birthday cake, ‘bakes’ it in the television stand cabinet (he’s careful because it’s hot) and sings happy birthday before blowing out candles. It’s things like that, that make holiday shopping fun. If you’re shopping for a little this season, here are some hits around here.

‘Lucas’ House’ ($10) // Lucas loves jumping through the holes, packing it with his stuffed buddies (animal party) and begging us to join him. It takes up some space but is easy to collapse – not that we do because it’s too fun.

Elmo Alphabet ($16) // He’s obsessed with Sesame Street and asks us to sing the Elmo Alphabet over and over again. He knows all his letters and each image underneath – next up spelling.

Trains ($10) //  Lucas has a love/hate relationship with his train set. He is obsessed but easily frustrated. It’s actually fun to design different routes and I want to get more to play with!

Dino jammies ($10) // Some days we live in jammies so I like it when they’re cozy for both us. Lucas is also becoming picky about his wardrobe and dinosaurs are sure winners.

Truck ($20) // I wish this were slightly bigger (24″ perhaps) so Lucas could lift the dumping bed and ride it but he still finds endless entertainment racing it around the basement and filling it up with his toys.

Bubblemower ($20) // He is terrified of the real lawnmower but the bubble toy lawnmower is his favorite thing and the only thing that can keep him from requesting another visit to the park in the summer.

Blocks ($14) // A true baby game, Lucas can’t get enough of stacking blocks or knocking them over.

Hot Wheels Garage ($164) // I think this is excessive but Santa insisted. Lucas knows the names of his cars and since you can get them for a dollar he has plenty! He has a makeshift track that keeps him in his room and entertained for a conveniently long time so there are high expectations for this thing.

Books // He gets a little impatient for reading these days but he has his favorites. I Wish More, Xander’s Panda Party, I Stink, Freight Train/Tren de Carga, 100 First Words, and books with Spiderman are always winners.

Movies // Lucas loves Spiderman Homecoming and I love that he can watch a MARVEL movie (only one bad scene that I cover his eyes for). Boss Baby is his new favorite, as soon as it’s over he’s ready to watch it again – I’m sure he sees similarities between himself and the ‘Boss’.

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