Fast Four


I don’t necessarily have the time to do the things I enjoy but I am forcing it. SO yay for reading, going to the gym AND blogging.

I finished Tom Hank’s collection of short stories and determined it’s a big product placement ad for typerwriters. That said, it’s highly convincing and I also determined I need a typerwriter for grocery lists.

Kerry treated me to a manicure at TEN Nail Bar in Capitol Park and I’m dying to go back. The polish actually stayed on my nails for more than a day! Over a week actually. I’m not one to splurge on those sorts of luxuries but I’ll admit, I think it’s going to be my new guilty pleasure.

MARVEL is simply amazing and I can’t imagine the end to this universe. I don’t think there will be enough Kleenex for Avengers 4 .

Let’s be real, I want to hide from the reality of America right now – but we can’t hide. We must #resist and be well aware of the challenges we face so here’s a New York Times overview of the tax plan.

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