Easy Pull-Apart Garlic Bread & 5 Pasta Recipes to Make With It


Do you follow Martha Stewart on Instagram?  It will definitely make you hungry. I’m constantly taking screenshots of recipes to try later. This Pull-Apart Bread was my most recent attempt and it turned out far better than I imagined.

I don’t make bread and I’m always intimidated by any recipe that includes yeast but since I had some in the pantry I thought I’d give it a go. Being a novice, I thought I’d make it for dinner but the dough needed to either rise for hours at room temp or a day in the fridge. I ended up baking the bread two days later when I had time and the dough was really easy to work with. I lathered on the garlic, butter and parsley and put it in the oven. 35 minutes later I had an entire loaf of bread I could have easily eaten all at once.

The recipe took time to make (letting it sit in the fridge for two days worked out perfectly) but limited of active cook time. We eat a lot of pasta around here and we also have company over often so I won’t be shy about pulling out this recipe to make the table look a little nicer and the house smell a little better.

Speaking of pasta – here are some of our favorite recipes to make with the bread!


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