5 Years Later…

Today is my 5 year work anniversary.  I remember it all like yesterday.  Josh telling me about the job at the art show.  My first interview with Lisa and Sheila.  The call back interview with Lisa and Cassandra.  The dreaded writing test (I’m not sure how I passed).  They sat me at Gina’s desk and … More 5 Years Later…

Flashback Friday

Detroit, Spring 2010 Searching for an old picture on FB I found this photo I completely forgot about!  Mr. Steve and his fabulous camera work.  I’m lucky to have such awesome co-workers and it’s something I’ll remember forever.  Apparently, I won’t always remember I heard Michelle Obama speak – although I do remember we went … More Flashback Friday


I saw this really cute memory jar idea on Pinterest.  You write down a good memory and put it in the jar to remember throughout the year.  I tweaked it a bit and made happiness jars for the girls at MEP.  As teenagers they need some prodding to remember life doesn’t suck.  Every week they … More Happiness

Annual Cookie Exchange

It’s Cookie Exchange day at work.  A favorite activity among my co-workers.  I’m impressed with the loot this year; however, I’m surprisingly optimistic that I won’t eat it all before I get home. That’s a good thing because Danny’s been clued in on the fixings and he wants some. My contribution was an Oreo Truffle Brownie.  It’s … More Annual Cookie Exchange

Weekend Update

Thursday night I went out with my work folks in Corktown.  We went to Slows for dinner and then did some  karaoke down the street.  I love to sing and have no shame but I’m horrible!!!  Think Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend’s Wedding. Friday was the Christmas party.  It was really great.  The big … More Weekend Update