Weekend Update

Thursday night I went out with my work folks in Corktown.  We went to Slows for dinner and then did some  karaoke down the street.  I love to sing and have no shame but I’m horrible!!!  Think Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Friday was the Christmas party.  It was really great.  The big boss was in and really liked an idea I pitched.  Highlight of my work life really.  The other highlight was that my Yankee Gift was SUPER popular!  People were fighting for it. I’m not competitive with games in general (and it drives the Big 3 crazy) but for this game I just hate it and am such a poor sport.  Nevertheless, I came a way with a gas gift card courtesy Amy so I’m lucky to have good friends.

Friday night Danny and I decorated the tree.  We added our newest ornament from Mr. B on to it.  It’s so perfect!  I’m glad it doesn’t include images of people who don’t look like us.
Saturday I started the day by running 5 miles.  It’s something I’m trying to do every other day.  I met Emily for lunch and went to her co-worker’s Max party.  I always feel bad not buying something so I bought some sunglasses.  They were $5 and cute.  I don’t have any gold/brown glasses and they matched my new outfit.  It’s new but not new new.  I bought those brown boots back in October but am too fat to wear them with jeans so I found a cute dress at Macy’s and picked up some brown tights.  I like it, although my hips look ginormous in the picture.
That night Aunt Margaret came over for dinner and we had a nice visit. I made my pork tenderloin staple and it was delicious as usual.  

Sunday morning we went to church and breakfast with Mr. B and Ann.  I took a nap when we got home but then we were productive.  We wrote out over 50 Christmas cards and included a wedding photo with most of them.  I made Asian pork tacos that were really good!  I think Asian cuisine is my favorite.  We spent the evening in bed watching the Lions lose and giving each other back massages.

One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. It sounds like you had a pretty busy weekend. A few things tho:

    1. Your hips do not look ginormous–you are super tiny!
    2. The sunglasses are cute!
    3. Your tree looks great 🙂
    4. I hope to be getting a card soon 😉


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