Coffee and Cocktails

I discovered the Bean a couple years ago.  At the time it was a small shop that didn’t appear to get a lot of foot traffic.  The apparent owner was always very nice but I had no idea how she stayed in business.  I was always waiting for the announcement that they were closed but now with all the new business in the city it appears the Bean has hit it’s stride.  I’m so glad too because they make delicious smoothies and are unbelievably affordable ($3 for a large delicious drink).  It’s located across the street from the COBO hall (a convention center undergoing a huge renovation) and it’s next door to a recently reopened hotel, Hotel Pontchartrain.  I hope this will bring more business their way because it’s definitely one of my favorite summer spot.

From downtown to Corktown: I met a co-worker at the Sugar House for cocktails the other night and I was in awe at how busy it was.  This was particularly impressive because it was Thursday and there were no games in town.  The crowd was a mix of people too – old and young.  I felt like I was in New York or Chicago – especially when I got the bill and saw my little drink was $9 (Thankfully it was delicious).  The bar itself is gorgeous and I would say it’s probably the most chic bar in the city.

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