5 Years Later…

Today is my 5 year work anniversary.  I remember it all like yesterday.  Josh telling me about the job at the art show.  My first interview with Lisa and Sheila.  The call back interview with Lisa and Cassandra.  The dreaded writing test (I’m not sure how I passed).  They sat me at Gina’s desk and I thought it would be mine.  I was excited for a window seat – turns out I had to wait a few more years for that. Soon after I was offered the job, I learned my new boss would be my commencement speaker.  Everything was perfect.

And it is. I was fortunate to have a job when I graduated but even more fortunate to have a job with great people.  Our office has changed over the years but I know I’ve met people who will stay in my life.  The best part of spending so much time with people is that you get to share life experiences. My favorite thing that we’ve shared is our relationships.

When I started we use to eat together in the “lunch room” and it was the best time of day.  At the time, half of us were in new relationships (or rebooted relationship), we certainly couldn’t guess where we’d end up but it always seemed like marriage.  Turns out it was.  In the past five years our new relationship status evolved into newlyweds.  I don’t know what the next 5 years has in store but I’m hoping to get an invite to some awesome Golden anniversary parties.

(Source: J Carlynn Photography, Julie Pepin Photography, Kristin Robertson Photography and sendet)

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