Student Loans

Turns out this is a week of milestones. Yesterday I celebrated 5 years at my job and today I celebrate paying off my student loan debt.  I’m very fortunate to have graduated college with minimal debt.  I went to a great college – University of Michigan-Dearborn – but lived at home. As a result, I was spared costs of room and board.  I worked throughout college to afford my living costs and books.  Scholarships also helped to pay a good portion of my tuition.  My Mom helped by letting me live at home but I’m proud that I was able to pay for school myself.  
To be free of student loan debt is a luxury few people in my generation can afford.  Too many of my friends are struggling with monthly loan payments that are equivalent to a mortgage.  I fear that the burden put on young people will have a detrimental impact on our country’s growth and I fervently hope that additional steps are taken to relieve individuals and families of this monstrous burden.  
Although I would love to continue my education, the high costs have killed any dreams I’ve had of going back to school for a Masters degree.  I simply can’t afford it.  While society promotes college for success I can’t help but be skeptical.  As a lover of education it pains me but I feel that I have to be cautious when talking to younger family members or my MEP girls about going to college.  I think it is important but if a person is not certain about what they want to do in life or not committed to the hard work college requires, he/she may be better off pursuing other options and avoiding the debt.  It’s a very depressing reality.    

(Source: Rebuild The Dream)

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