25 things to do in my 25th year

  1. Be a better blogger – To say I’ve been a bad blogger is an understatement but I’m determined to improve.
  2. Go to Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village – my favorite thing to do in life possibly but we didn’t go last year.
  3. Fill in the gaps in my wardrobe – there are some things I want and I want to actually get them.
  4. Read – I haven’t been a complete bum in this area.  I’ve just writing my own things other than reading the past six months.
  5. Swear less – with no frakking exceptions.  I found this very fun manners flyer from 100 years ago for my MEP girls and I should start practicing what I preach.
  6. Run a 5k – I’ve said this so many times but I’m determined to do it this year no matter if I’m running November 3rd 2013.
  7. Learn to accessorize – I want to expand my wardrobe but I also want to learn to play with what I have with new jewelry.
  8. Send more cards.  Kat sends cards for everything and I think that is so nice.  I’m determined to be better about that too – at the very least with just Kat.
  9. Eat more vegetables, and less sweets – I’m not a horrific eater but my greens v. dessert ratios are completely inverted.
  10. Visit New York City.  I’ve been wanting to go back for years – this is the year.
  11. See Bond! 
  12. Spend quality time with Danny – We spend time together but sometimes we spend more time together doing our own thing than doing things together.  For that reason I would like to do 25 things from this 77 Date Night list.
  13. Practice Spanish.  I don’t think I’ve completely lost my Spanish knowledge and I’d like to keep it that way.
  14. Keep the house clean – This will be more challenging than not swearing.  I will clean this place spotless but it’s still a disaster in a day.
  15. Go to Eastern Market – I’m not sure we went at all this year 😦
  16. Spend time with family and friends – I’m really good at it with some people and really bad at it with others.  I want to make a concerted effort to do well with everyone.
  17. Plan meals – I want to do this for fiscal and health reasons.  Not having a consistent food plans leads us to occasionally going out and/or eating unhealthy foods.
  18. Save money – this has basically been an impossible goal up to this point.  It’s still looking pretty dire but fingers crossed.
  19. Dedicate a set time for MEP work – I spend time on MEP but I could spend more time on it.  I really liked last weeks lesson and want to structure more like that – I also need to find a mortician for Britney.
  20. Learn to do at home mani-pedis
  21. Volunteer more – I’ve been a definite bum in this area.  I do MEP but I could totally do more
  22. Go to Cranbrook – I’ve had this on my to-do list for a very long time.  Maybe I can actually get it done this year!
  23. Sarah Richardson bedroom – this might be asking too much but it’s be a lot of fun to start accumulating the things from my SR bedroom Pinterest page.
  24. Meditate – I was good for a few days then I stopped but I think it could be useful so I want to give it a go again.
  25. Be happy.
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One thought on “25 things to do in my 25th year

  1. Girlfriend, the accessories are easy–it's all about Charming Charlie's! That place has tons of accessories for relatively cheap and I always get compliments on the things I get from there!

    When it comes to cards, no worries–I don't send them to receive them!

    As for a lot of the other stuff, you can do it if you set your mind to it.


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