Something unexpected happened tonight..

As I previously mentioned my busy schedule our apartment has fallen to the wayside and there are piles of – everything.  I dug my way through some of the piles of cards – sympathy  wedding, birthday and Halloween. I picked up one card and was taken aback when I read it.  I’d read the card when he’d given it to me but there was a check and I get self conscious so I don’t stare at it. Anyway, I didn’t notice Mr. B wrote Dad and when I read the card for a half second I thought my father sent it to me.  Virtually simultaneously I remembered he’d never sent me a card in my life nor would he suggest I buy myself something.  
So then I was left stunned.  After 25 years I received a birthday card from “Dad” (prior to this the closet I got was “Danny’s Mom and Dad”).   It’s a weird feeling.

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