I have some work to do

I saw this on Tumblr today and it spoke to me.  I’m busy and semi-productive but I have a long way to go before I live up to what I feel I should be doing.  The main problem is I seriously lack motivation.  I wish they   bottled it up and you could buy it over the counter.  Alas I have to find it from within.  
Since I’ve moved from the 19-24 box to the 25-34 or whatever it is.  I need to get moving.  Turns out I can’t go to Wayne for free as a spouse of an employee but I can go at a reduced rate and that may be motivation enough.  I can’t start in the winter but I’m going to get my information together and shoot for the spring.  They offer a Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in nonprofit management and that appeals to me.  I’m determined to make smart decisions so I’m not fully committed yet but I’m going to seriously investigate the option.

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