Home Hunting

The absolute biggest challenge of married life thus far has been finding a place to live.  Danny HATES our apartment and staying there another year is not an option.  We have no money to buy a house or condo.  So renting is our only choice.  We’re on a wait-list for two apartments; however, potential openings for either by January seem unlikely.  They are also going to cost more than I’d care to spend and are located farther from work (and Gina) than I’d care to be.
Yesterday, I came across this affordable rental house in Livonia a mere mile from where we live now.  It’s tiny 720 sq ft with no basement but it’s a house so Danny can’t complain about neighbors (he can but that will be a whole new can of worms).  We’re going to look at it tomorrow and even that’s too far away for me.  I want to look at it NOW.  If it has a washer and dryer – which I can hardly believe it wouldn’t – I think we’re going to go for it. It could be a cute little home to start our married life together in.  

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