Could It Be True?

After an agonizing first month of marriage is it possible we are finally over the hump?

It seems like it might be.  Finding a place to live has been as painful as stabbing my eyes with needles.  Cost, location, size, availability, all of these things and more have led to utter despair; however, it looks like maybe just maybe we found a winner.  
  • The cost is reasonable ($850 including water).  More than I ever thought I’d spend but less than our more reason top contenders.  
  • It’s in a solid, safe location.  A little west for me but I’ll take it.  
  • The size is great.  1100 sq. ft., two-story, two bedroom, one and a half bath with a basement.  Admittedly, I like the layout of the two bedroom apartment more but there is no washer/dryer in unit and we’d have more neighbors so we’d rather not risk it with noise.  
  • And best of all it’s available for January – the end of the month even.  

We’re moving forward on this and unless something goes wrong (which knowing us it’s highly likely) we’ve found our home for our early married life.

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