XOXO oh no

I love Gossip Girl. I’ve been a fan since day one.  Surprisingly, a very rational fan.  I love the show but I don’t own it on DVD, I don’t go to fansites or write fanfiction.  I’ve just genuinely enjoyed my Monday nights because of it.  Queen Blair Waldorf is a fashion icon for me.  The name of my latest blog was inspired by her.  I want to be Queen B.  The show has been fun, beautiful and exciting.  The stores are sometimes insane but always well done.  
That was the case until yesterday.  Those motherChuckers at CW totally let me down.  Most of the finale was a commercial for the Carrie Diaries – literally.  It’s 3 minutes GG and 5 minutes commercial.  I couldn’t even enjoy the very weak storyline because it kept getting interrupted.
Yes Chuck and Blair ended up together (and 5 years later have a son).  They gave us a glamorous wedding but no romance.  We couldn’t get some vows before the police arrest Chuck and then immediately let him go.  After an epic romance of 6 years that was cruel.

Quite frankly, nothing else significant happened.  Oh well except if you count learning Gossip Girl’s identity.  Spoiler Alert:

It’s Lonely Boy Dan Humphrey trying to make a name for himself on the Upper East Side.  
Eh.  I’m not sure it really fits the script but ok.  
At the end of the day I still love my show and I desperately want a fashion book to drool over (Leighton and Blake make everything look amazing).  
Here’s to you G.G. XOXO

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