Social Hour

Today Chris sent me an article about millennial and un(der)employment.  It’s not good folks.  He and I often discuss the fate of America, society and our generation and ponder potential solutions.  We are generally on the same page but go back and forth about our solutions.

He shared with me some comments from our co-worker and it really hit home.  50 years ago before cellphones and then internet people had to actually make an effort to communicate.  They took time get together, be it casual dinner, union meetings or women’s clubs.  Today it’s far easier to text a little and call it a night.  Our co-worker has a group of friends and they have potlucks, knitting circles and book clubs. It’s such a novel idea to most but one that I greatly admire and would like to replicate it.

I’m definitely a sucker to technology but I feel like I try to make an effort to see people.  Generally, we see people as individuals or couples and don’t intermingle groups.  I feel like it can often be uncomfortable “forcing” different groups of people together.  However, sometimes I think it doesn’t have to be “forced.”  The Hakalas are amazing at bringing people together.  Lindsey is one of my closets friends and I met her through Danny. Katherine and I seem to be building a friendship.  I also think the same could be said for Ellen.  Not to mention I know Lindsey’s other friends and when we’re all together it’s not weird at all, it’s actually a lot of fun.

So I shall throw my hat in the ring.  I already have my meals planned for February and my big kiddy party so I’ll wait till next month.  But in March, when we get our tax refund and a big dining table, I shall host the dinner party of my dreams.


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