A Good Friday

We held out to the very end of the month before going on our date night.  In order to go somewhere nice we decided to do a date lunch.  Danny selected the restaurant and the Detroit Seafood Market in Paradise Valley downtown was the winner.  Neither of us had been before and didn’t know what to expect.  
The food was delicious.  We had crabmeat, spinach and artichoke dip with homemade tortillas as an appetizer.  Fantastic!  I will go back simply for that dish!  It’s always my preference to order something that I can’t make for myself and for that reason I ordered the lobster.  It could be fried or broiled and I went with fried.  Classless I know but definitely tasty.  Danny ordered Flounder Rockefeller and really enjoyed it.  

The building is beautiful and wonderfully decorated.  The bathrooms were really clean and that always makes me feel better about what’s going on in the kitchen.  The service was tolerable.  I don’t like to complain about waitstaff because everyone has a bad day; however, we had to wait a bit to be seated and then for service while we were at the table.  Nothing horrible, but a little more attentiveness would have been nice.
All in all we had a great time.  I would go back and I’d recommend it to others.
Detroit Seafood Market: A-
Lunch: $10 – $15  Dinner: $20-40
Meal: A-
Service: C
Ambiance: A

 As an added bonus Danny and I checked out John King Books before heading home.  I’d been meaning to go for years but never made it.  It is four floors of endless book collections – very overwhelming.  It’s a mix of new(er) and old books – a bookworms dream.  The building use to be a factory.  I love to imagine what it would have been like to see it at that time.  It’s big but not today factory big and it leaves me intrigued.  That’s the problem with being a historian – it’s hard to live in the present.

It was a good and not a great Friday because MSU will not be heading to the Elite 8 this year.  We watched some NCAA basketball tournament with the Shiremans.  Michigan did have a stunning victory but State had a disappointing loss.

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