Pizza e Vino 849

Although we love Detroit, we actually live in Plymouth.  It’s a nice little town and sentimental to us because when we first started dating we would get ice cream and walk around.  At the time Danny hated it.  He felt it was over run by kids in middle and high school.  Now he’s more accepting of the crowds and has decided that it should be ‘our place’.  We have friends who know all the ins and outs of their area and he wants us to be the downtown Plymouth experts.  Not especially easy on a budget but we’re up for the challenge.  
Our first foodie adventure was at Pizza e Vino 849 with Mom for Father’s Day (aka Single Mom day).  We went with no expectations and were pleasantly pleased.  Mom ordered a fun frozen coffee drink I envied.  We ordered artichoke dip for an appetizer and everyone loved.  We ordered two pizzas – one with veggies and one with sausage – they were good but not incredible.  They didn’t reheated very well, so if you go eat it while you’re there.

My personal highlight of the evening was the opportunity to break out my new outfit from Forever 21.  Blair Waldorf inspired for our big NYC trip and my kiss on the Empire State Building.  Speaking of Forever 21 let me say there are currently no less than 20 dresses I want at their store right now.  I’m waiting like a hawk for them to unload one and fighting all temptation to buy another.  It’s painful.

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