D.I.Y. Refinished Microwave Stand

My first attempt at a D.I.Y. project went pretty well.  Mom gave us her old microwave stand when we moved but the white linoleum didn’t mesh with the wood cabinets of our new place.  My initial plan was to replace it with something new; however, since I can only buy so much stuff, I decided to try a more affordable alternative.  For about $14 I was able to remake the stand to better compliment our kitchen.
Sanding Sponge $1.97
Paint brush  $1.28
Hardware $1.37 each
Step 1: Sand shelf and wipe away all the dust.
Step 2: Spray with primer and let dry overnight
Step 3:  Paint and dry overnight
Step 4: Paint second coat and dry over night
Step 5: Replace hardware
*I bought a quart and it was WAY too much.  The $3 sample size would have been plenty.

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