International Literary Project

I previously mentioned the literary project I’ve started and now for the details.  On our East Coast adventure, Uncle Richard took us to see Monkey: Journey to the West at the Lincoln Center.  It was an incredible, eye-opening experience and unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  I left feeling culturally richer but also really American.  I know plenty about America and Europe and I’m also well versed in the Middle East because of where I went to school but on the whole I’m very ignorant about the world and what I do know definitely has an American spin.  
As Maya Angelou says “When you know better, you do better”.  I learned that I needed to learn more and after reading Tolstoy and the Purple Chair I was inspired to start a reading project of my own.  I will read 7-8 books about and from each continent in order to have a better understanding of their history, culture, and society.  The categories I want to hit are: fiction, history, religion, and culture.  As an added bonus I will also aim to watch a movie/documentary produced in the area, have a local experience (performance, art show, lecture, etc) and eat at an authentic restaurant.  
I’ve split the world up in a way that isn’t exactly continental but it’s close.  I’ve started with Asia, will briefly explore Australia, journey through Africa, then across the sea to South America, next I’ll go to the familiar – Europe – but with an Eastern emphasis, I’ll refresh and expand my knowledge on the Middle East and then head home to North America where I will focus on our lovely neighbors: Canada and Mexico.
I’m excited to expand my horizons and see what the world has to offer.   I have a feeling I will be as shocked by what I learn as Josh and CJ were when their American bubble was burst.

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