100 Things About Me

I found a new blog via Pinterest recently.  J&AandCo..  It’s great and you should check it out.  One post I found was a 100 Things About Me list.  Sounds daunting but it could be something fun to look back on.

  1. I get hungry when I’m tired
  2. I usually eat instead of doing the obvious and going to bed
  3. I would LOVE to dye my hair but I’m too scared and too cheap
  4. When I was 9 I bought a neon pink coat with birthday money that I ADORED and still remember fondly
  5. I LOVED Sonic and saved to buy a Sonic book at the book fair in elementary school
  6. I always wanted to win a limo ride with the principal in elementary school (Mr. Nehs) but never did
  7. I think about Pat at 6 p.m. often because we always had dinner at that time when I worked at the library
  8. I ate WAY too much candy when I worked at the library
  9. I have no idea what I want to do with my life
  10. I’ve tried to read War & Peace a half dozen times but can never see it through
  11. I don’t like Little Women
  12. I hated being black so much when I was younger I feel guilty about it now
  13. This guilt may be partially attributed to the fact that I’m Catholic
  14. Although I don’t tend to agree with the church I like being Catholic because both sides of my family are Catholic and I like the sameness for all of the obvious differences
  15. I didn’t know there were religions besides Catholicism until I was about 10
  16. I didn’t get my driver’s license until after high school
  17. I cannot stand body hair and must shave every day
  18. Running has really changed the way I think about life
  19. I don’t feel like I really know who I am
  20. I love to draw
  21. I want to write a book about Franklin Roosevelt as the first Civil Rights president
  22. This is problematic because my grammar skills are horrible
  23. Mr. Hughes is in a four way tie for most important person in my life
  24. I worry that my mean past has left some permanent limits on mine and B’s relationship
  25. I hope I’m wrong because I REALLY want us to be close
  26. Apparently I sound like my Mom
  27. I’m also beginning to notice other similarities that I never noticed 
  28. Since I never felt like I looked like my family growing up I hope my kids look like me
  29. But I would like them to have Danny’s blue eyes
  30. I think we’ll only have two (healthy) kids but I think I would like us to have three (healthy) kids
  31. If we have a girl we’ll name her Katharine Scarlett after two of my favorite things – Katharine Hepburn and Katie Scarlett O’Hara
  32. We’ll name a boy Lucas Mikhail and I plan to call him Misha at home
  33. I would love to have Kate Middleton’s fashion sense and wardrobe
  34. I love my eyebrows
  35. I have a sun spot above my lip that has always reminded me of Cindy Crawford
  36. I was told I look like Jessica Alba
  37. I want to learn at least intermediate Spanish, French and Russian before I die
  38. I love Russia and usually root for them in the Olympics
  39. Anastasia is my favorite cartoon princess
  40. Ariel is my favorite Disney princess
  41. I watched Cinderella so many times as a kid I broke the VHS
  42. I use to go to sleep listening to Billy Joel’s greatest hits via cassette player
  43. I LOVE to sing but am a HORRIBLE singer
  44. Amazingly Danny isn’t bothered by my singing which is good because I sing ALL THE TIME
  45. I created a West Wing trivia board game in middle school but I have no idea where it is
  46. For my journal in middle school I wrote every entry about West Wing and nothing about myself
  47. I love the West Wing
  48. I write fan fiction but I rarely read it
  49. I never feel like I’m a strong writer but when I go back and read things I’ve written I’m generally impressed 
  50. I won a writing competition in college
  51. I was selected as an honor scholar by both the History and Pol Sci departments in college
  52. I was also a scholar in high school for Social Studies
  53. I was really upset that it was  Rosa Parks award because I was not yet comfortable with my race
  54. My attitude changed after I went to an African and African-American Studies retreat in Detroit
  55. I HATE the term African-American. Unless someone has recent ancestry to Africa they are just an American so call them black
  56. I tried to get the library to change include “African-American” folklore books  (slavery stories) in the general American section and was rejected
  57. I would say I’m not a scifi person but I LOVE Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek movies (recent) and Continuum
  58. I only adore M*A*S*H for the last 6 season and never watch the first 5
  59. I love that I call Danny Wordbird but I have no idea when I had the courage to start doing that
  60. Danny is my first boyfriend
  61. In a very complicated few months of my life I did enter into a couple Islamic “temporary marriages” because of a crush – this meant nothing more than we went on a date and could hypothetically hold hands 
  62. Speaking of crazy boy history in high school I left a humiliating emotional message on a house phone of the boy I liked (gratefully he was cool about it)
  63. I’m glad we don’t have house phones
  64. This probably has something to do with why I don’t tend to leave or listen to voice mail 
  65. If I didn’t fear losing touch with people or the danger of being unreachable I’d love to give up my cell and Facebook
  66. Clark Gable is the sexiest man EVER as far as I’m concerned
  67. I don’t like Meryl Strep or Audrey Hepburn out of loyalty to Katharine Hepburn
  68. I think Powell/Loy have more mass appeal than Tracy/Hepburn
  69. I’ve met both Clintons twice and love Hillary more
  70. Mom made sure I could meet Amy Jo Johnson aka the Pink Power Ranger
  71. I locked myself in the bathroom and cried when she left the show
  72. I think the traumatic experience is the reason I’m addicted to spoilers
  73. I will never forgive David Shore for what he did to Huddy
  74. I’m such a healthy person I’m constantly waiting for it to catch up with me and something bad to happen
  75. I’m scared of most things but especially lice, bedbugs, tornadoes and fires
  76. I don’t know how to light a match or use a lighter
  77. When I was a kid I put my stuffed animals (and there were MANY) in garbage bags at night so if the house caught on fire I could throw them out the window and they would be safe
  78. Now I bring my pictures, china and stuffed buddies with me if there is a tornado warning
  79. I hate the first Saturday of the month
  80. I almost always have an umbrella with me
  81. I am seriously addicted to ice cream
  82. Growing up my favorite food was chicken and dumplings, now I don’t think I have a favorite food
  83. I don’t like bacon
  84. I can’t eat licorice
  85. I’m only allergic to animals
  86. I don’t really care what people think and that’s probably not a great thing
  87. I work hard to be a good person but I’m truly quite vain
  88. I was accidentally locked in a closet as a toddler but didn’t notice for nearly 30 minutes because there was a mirror and I was distracted 
  89. A big reason why I love Doc McStuffins is because Lambie is a stuffed version of me
  90. I use to pronounce milk “melk” but my friends made such a big deal about it I only say “milk” now
  91. I know I talk loud but I hate when people point it out because I try to be quieter but can’t help it
  92. I hate my name and wanted desperately to change it to Aurora most of my life
  93. I’ve given up that dream and now can’t verbally spell my first or last names
  94. When I spell my first name I sound like a pirate
  95. But I’m glad I can direct people to Carrie Bradshaw and not Carrie the horror movie for correction
  96. Greenfield Village has always been my happy place; however, Cranbrook is strong competition
  97. My Mom is my favorite tv watching buddy
  98. I swear too much
  99. I am very patient and forgiving
  100. E Pluribus Unum is a meaningful phase to me for many reasons: It’s on our money and money is obviously important but it’s also American and for better or worse I do appreciate this country and love its history; it’s Latin which ties to my Catholicism roots and means “one from many”, I feel that this speaks to my diverse family background; it also reminds me of Jed correcting people about Latin on The West Wing
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