Extreme Makeover: Closet Edition

We are currently blessed with great closet space; however, we plan to move next year and I doubt we’ll get this lucky again.  I like to prepare for all aspect of the future and accounting for smaller storage is something I think about.
A couple weeks ago I raided my closet and packed up clothes I don’t wear.  Like most people I only wear a fraction of my wardrobe but keep a full closet anyway.  There is always that fear you might change your mind and need something again.  With that in mind I didn’t donate all the discarded clothes.  Instead I stuffed them into a bucket and am leaving them in the basement.  When moving time comes around if I haven’t missed the items they will be donated.  
My closet has looked like this for a couple weeks now and I love it.  I could probably pack up more clothes and might because I have a strong aversion to clutter.  Now full disclosure those aren’t ALL my clothes.  I have a dress problem that is hidden in our guest room but I’m not prepared to deal with that yet.
Yes, my prom dress is hidden in the back…

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