Holy Saturday Brunch

Last year we hosted my Mom’s family for Easter breakfast.  It went well enough but was a bit rushed because we also had to go to Danny’s family in the afternoon.  I felt bad for double-booking so this year I invited people over for Holy Saturday, it was a much better arrangement. I love hosting parties and am learning more tricks about how to make events enjoyable for myself and my guests.  I made sure to have the food ready and all the baking dishes washed and put away before our guests arrived.  It was a load off my mind to not worry about a mess in the kitchen or burning food and gave me the chance to be fully attentive to our guests.
It’s important to me that holidays and events are special; therefore, I make a point to try new things when we have people over. Pinterest is really useful in helping me stay creative.  Last year I folded the napkins into bunnies but wanted something different this time.  Since I planned to use place cards I decided to use the pocket fold and create personalized menu cards.  It was very simple to do but looks fancy.

Centerpieces really make a table but they can be expensive.  My trick is to use plants instead of flowers.  They are significantly cheaper but look gorgeous and can be planted outside at a later date.  This year I found flowers at Menard’s for $2 per plant.  It was relatively easy to find flowers but impossible to find a vase.  I literally couldn’t find a vase of any size at a number of mainstream stores.  Thankfully, I found simple glass bowls at Bed Bath and Beyond that were a perfect fit for $2. Danny picked up some potting soil at Home Depot and for less than $15 we had three lovely centerpieces for the day and beautiful flowers for the front yard.

I have a tendency to make a lot of food but I’m getting better at not over doing it.  This year I was close to the mark.  If I had to do it again I would skip on the potato nests but they will be a nice breakfast for the week.  The signature dish was the French Toast and it was a hit.  There is nothing redeeming about it health-wise but it is perfect for special occasions.  My other favorite recipe is the lemon crinkle cookies.  I will not admit how many I ate this weekend.


Fruit Salad
Cranberry Juice
Pina Colata

2 thoughts on “Holy Saturday Brunch

  1. What a beautiful table and your menu sounds delicious. It sounds like you enjoy creating the environment for your guests (I love the menu cards)–and I am sure they enjoyed the whole experience. Good job. Pinterest has probably already suggested this to you, but garage sales and thrift stores are excellent places to pick up unusual vases and bowls for very little money.


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