Happy Friday

And Happy Birthday Kat! Well it’s a little early for that, but the big 3-0 celebrations start tomorrow.  This picture is a bit of a throwback – 2009.  The halfway mark of our 10 year friendship.  When we first met I was definitely that pesky kid who would follow her around at work.  I’m sure I was very annoying but Kat is patient.  We haven’t worked together in ages and Kat spent half of the 10 years out of state but we remain friends.  True old fashion friends too.  No online stuff for us and very little texting – instead it’s classic movie nights or dinner.  Kat also wins the award for most loyal blog reader.  She’s been following me since my original blog (which also happened to start in 2009) and recently gave me an awesome Detroit City Girl t-shirt to celebrate CarrieD Away.  So here’s to you Kathryn!

Other weekend festivities.  Drive-in tonight (Maleficent and Blended).  Eastern Market tomorrow morning, possibly some quality time with Gwenie, Kat’s birthday bingo and maybe a Battlestar Galactica game night.  Sunday we’ll celebrate Father’s day with Mr. B and a couple of Danny’s sisters.  I also hope to finish the book I’m reading.  This Lit Project is going to take me a decade at this reading rate.

P.S. Kat always makes the best cocktails.

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