Live, Work, PLAY

downtown Detroit

Live, Work, Play is Dan Gilbert’s slogan for Detroit and he’s serious.  At various locations downtown you can find fun, free activities to participate in.  Gina and I have noticed more pop up recently and since it is such a beautiful day I decided to snap some quick pictures (camera phone today) during lunch.  Above is one of the four pianos downtown we’ve spotted downtown.  This one is outside of the First Federal Building.  There are also two large chess sets in the area.

downtown Detroit

Last week a giant Connect 4 and Jenga (being played by a family in the background) were set up outside of the First Federal Building across the street from Campus Martius.

downtown Detroit

Cadillac Square is always busy when the weather is nice and men in suits regularly take advantage of the activities set up in the park.  Some of the games I didn’t recognize but table tennis and the corn hole game were obvious.

downtown Detroit

Finally, I noticed for the first time today that there is a bike rental system downtown.  I really can’t overstate how much fun it is to work downtown.  There are so many people, a great atmosphere, and plenty of development.  There has been such dramatic change in a short period of time I’m anxious to see what comes next.

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