Happy Friday!

Football is back! I never watched sports before dating Danny but now I love it.  I prefer the NFL to college but I watch both.  We are Lions fans although we annually debate picking a new team to experience some quality football.  For better but usually for worse we support the Honolulu Blue.  The schedule looks rough this year. I’m not expecting better than a .500 season but perhaps the Lions will surprise me.  We certainly have a some quality players on the offense – I’m just not sure Matthew Stafford is one of them.  I’m most excited to see Golden Tate.  Danny was born an Irish fan so they are my adopted team.  Tate played for Notre Dame my first season of watching college football; therefore, I’m particularly pleased to see him come to Detroit. I’m also glad he already has a Super Bowl ring since heaven knows he probably won’t get one here.
Aside from sports, it’s another big weekend for me.  We get our favorite little girl Gwen. I haven’t seen her in a few weeks and I hear she is talking more.  I’m holding out hope that she finally says my name!  I’m also hoping for nice weather tomorrow so we can go to the Riverwalk.  The other thing on my to-do list is finish The Glimpses of the Moon. It’s an Edith Wharton novel and I’m proceeding with caution.  I want a happy ending but most books end in tragedy (at least the books I read).  Fingers crossed that this is an anomaly. 

P.S. Can Adam Levine do an entire album as MJ?

(Photo Source: Teen Diaries)

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