Rehab Addict Sneak Peek

A couple weekends ago Nicole Curtis (aka the Rehab Addict from the DIY Network) announced that she was opening her latest Detroit project to the public for a ‘before’ look.  The house is located close to Belle Isle and was purchased through the Detroit auction. She gave 24 hour notice and over 600 people showed up.  Fans wrapped the block to see inside the house and drew the attention of residents who were curious to know what caused the influx of people.

The tour started when Nicole arrived and laid out the ground rules for entering the house: standard safety guidelines, no pictures and a $5 donation for Delilia’s cancer fund.  The line moved quickly and when we were close enough I asked Nicole if she would answer a couple questions for the blog.  Let me say that going into this I knew it was a long shot.  I tweeted her the night before that I hoped to ask her a couple of questions but I expected a crowd and knew she probably would not have time to talk with me. Nevertheless, I made a good faith effort for the sake of journalism.

The house is gorgeous.  Five bedrooms, three baths, a full basement and a maid’s quarters.  Luckily, Nicole posted video of the house so I don’t have to recount all the details here.  I will say the dining room is my dream. After people toured the house they could get a quick picture with Nicole.  Mom took one for the team and stepped in so I could play photographer.  As we were leaving Nicole stopped to ask if I was the person who tweeted her about questions for my blog.  I was absolutely stunned that she reads all of her tweets and remembered mine!  She told me to tweet her my email and she’d be in touch.

I held out posting about our visit in hopes that I’d hear from her but no word yet.  She’ll do an ‘after’ tour when the house is finished and I’ll try again then.  In the meantime, I’m still impressed she noticed me enough to follow up in the first place!

Nicole Curtis Rehab Addict

2 thoughts on “Rehab Addict Sneak Peek

  1. Looks like a perfectly proper place to recreate a mansion-istic castle To help beautify the area to a reminisced time. So as they say ''Let's get the show on the go and, Let's get this party started''!


  2. The Boulevard isn't on the official up and coming list but a handful of houses on the block have been renovated (and are occupied). I imagine Nicole's interest in the area will encourage others to invest there as well. 🙂


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