The Dequindre Cut

I’m attracted to big cities because I love the idea of not needing a car.  A sacrilegious concept in Detroit perhaps but I hate traffic and dream of the day I can walk or take public transit to get to the places I need to go.  The Dequindre Cut is an example of what I’d like to see throughout Detroit. It is quiet, peaceful and connects key parts of the city: downtown, Lafayette Park (a residential neighborhood) and Eastern Market.  People can walk/bike to recreation, housing and food. Formerly an abandoned rail line, the pathway is a project of the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy and reminds me of my favorite place in New York City – The High Line. They are both peaceful oasis in the middle of big city movement.  The Cut doesn’t have the same activity as the High Line but I hope to see more in the future.

The Dequindre Cut starts near the river at the Globe Building and ends at Eastern Market.  The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is constructing an outdoor adventure center in the 120+ year old building and I’m very excited about the project.  A rehabilitated facility and a fun, educational activity for families is exactly what Detroit needs.  It is scheduled to open this year and I can’t wait to check it out.

Another project that is expected to begin construction this year is a new housing/mix-use development.  It’s a big plan that will bring much needed housing to the area.  While the common story about Detroit is the people moving out of the city.  A quieter story is the limited housing options available to people trying to move to Detroit. The river is a perfect area for this project and I expect the units will go quickly.

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