Happy Friday!

Another house we saw on the University District tour was Gilda Radner’s childhood home.  Radner an original cast member on SNL.  Unlike most homes in the UD this one is unoccupied but it’s a beautiful house and I’m sure someone will purchase it for renovation.

As far as the weekend go this one is action packed.  I’m going to see Cara tonight.  I haven’t seen her in forever and it will be nice to catch up.  We get Gwenie Saturday and I’m so glad because no one can cheer me up more than she can.  In the evening, it’s Melissa’s bachelorette party! I’m excited and nervous because I’m hosting.  I haven’t had a party in a while and I want to do a good job.  Sunday we’re going to watch the Lions game with Mr. B. Hopefully they beat the Pack but I’m not holding my breath.

P.S. Fun fact: Judy Greer went to my high school

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