Detroit Restaurant Week: Roast

Detroit Roast Michael Symon

When Danny and I first started dating we watched Iron Chef America all the time.  Michael Symon was hands down my favorite Iron Chef.  He was funny, his food was amazing and he never lost.  I’d routinely laugh at any challenger who took him on because I could tell his/her fate before they stepped into the kitchen. Consequently, I was thrilled to learn Symon had a restaurant downtown.  Roast is located in the historic Book Cadillac Hotel a block away from my work.  Prior to this weekend I happily contented myself with the Happy Hour menu. Roast has the best happy hour anywhere in the world.  For less than $5 you can order a burger on an English muffin topped with cheese, bacon and egg.  Or chef choice tacos, mac n cheese, fries and drink specials.  Admittedly, I’m shaky on all the offerings because I always order the burger.

Anyway, this weekend was Detroit Restaurant week.  A biannual event that allows young people like myself the opportunity to go to the best restaurants in town for a reasonable price of $30 a person for three courses.  Saturday we went to Roast with a couple of Danny’s siblings and their spouses.  They don’t come downtown often and it was a perfect opportunity to show off the city.

Detroit Roast Michael Symon

The first course highlight was the charcuterie plate – specifically the prosciutto.  I regret to say this was Danny’s selection and not mine; therefore, I was only able to charm a few bites out of him.  I opted for a salad.  It was delicious but a safe choice.  I wish I remembered how much I appreciate being ‘adventurous’ at restaurants.

Detroit Roast Michael Symon

I opted to take a ‘risk’ on the entree.  The scallop description read ‘served with fennel, apple, olive and arugula’.  I hate olives and they nearly prevented me from ordering my favorite food in the world.  Fortunately, my love of scallops overcame my suspicion of olives. They were cooked to perfection I could have easily eaten another four but was happily satisfied with three (I had to share one with Danny).

I should have a picture of dessert to share but I don’t.  The reason we never went to Roast for Restaurant Week prior to this weekend was due to the fact I typically make my restaurant selection based on dessert.  This seriously frustrates Danny so this time I promised we’d go to Roast regardless of what was on the menu.  When I saw pumpkin ice cream listed as the third course I was underwhelmed.  A rookie mistake!  After years of yelling at the judges on Iron Chef America for doubting Symon’s offerings before tasting it, I went and did the same thing.  Sorry Karine Backhoum!

Since I didn’t think much of the dessert prior to it being served I didn’t plan to take a picture.  After one bite I inhaled the rest.  I briefly considered trying to catch a server on the way out but didn’t want to embarrass Danny or my in-laws. Instead I’ll tease a brief description: delicious pumpkin ice cream on a bed of what I believe was crumbled ginger snaps with two pieces of brittle stuck on the top.  Simple but very, very good.

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