Happy Friday!

This week I’ve suffered from a serious bout of home envy. It comes in waves and currently it’s tsunami levels. We have a home plan. Re-sign our lease and then buy a house this time next year or in 2016 (however it works out).  The hope is that it’s a beautiful brick house in Detroit with lots of character.  A year isn’t too long to wait but at moments it seems like forever.  Finding The Every Girl Home Tour section hasn’t helped.  I love seeing how other people live and these posts have great pictures and interviews.  Since most of these women are younger than me – I’m also feeling my age this week!  
The plan was date night tonight but it’s being postponed because I caught one of the many bugs floating around.  It’s more inconvenient than debilitating which is good because I seriously need to clean our house. For the first time in ages I have no plans on Saturday.  I think I’ll take the opportunity to relax.  If I’m feeling better I’ll go to Eastern Market.  Sunday is Kat’s skate competition and a two hour Once Upon A Time episode with Gina – I’ll need wine for that.

(Photo Source: The Every Girl)

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