Happy Friday

It’s an end of an era. Phase two of my professional life is over and it’s been one incredible experience.  This picture is from 2006.  At the time I was a wide-eyed college student excited to meet Senator Levin and anxious for a picture as evidence.  I never imagined that I would work for him one day.  The entire experience was undoubtedly fate – I could have been an FBI agent. My internship with the bureau fell through when they didn’t have the time/resources to do a background check-on me following the presidential election.  Fortunately, I was able to get an internship at Congressman Dingell’s office and impress the crew over there enough that they told me about an opening in Levinland.  I remember everything about the interview process: sitting down with Lisa and Sheila for round 1 and Lisa and Cassandra for round 2, wearing my pink suit, sitting at Gina’s desk to type a sample letter and naively thinking that a newbie would capture a window seat. When I answered Lisa’s call and accepted the job, Danny was by my side and so happy for me. I could go on for days about the memories I have here but I’ll refrain.  Instead I’ll say that I’m grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had and the memories. I made amazing friends that I plan to know for life and this knowledge helps make today less painful.  Here’s to a fabulous 5 (nearly 6) years, may the next adventure be as rewarding.

As for the weekend, we’re having Mr. B over for dinner tonight. Tomorrow we’re going on a double date with Cara and Matt.  We’re going to check out a new brewery in South Lyon.  Sunday is Lion’s play-off day and perhaps an evening adventure in the D.

P.S. Some things to try in Detroit in 2015

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