A Coral Classic

Earlier this month I went to an Inforum event at The Limited for a presentation on fashion and how to dress appropriately in the workplace.  The event was nice and just when it started to feel drawn out, it was over.  Or so I thought, before we were left to shop (or in my case leave) we … More A Coral Classic


One thing I’m looking forward to most in 2015 is growing professionally.  I loved my old job for the people but I wasn’t challenged by the work.  As I prepared to changed jobs, I discovered I needed to find a position that would allow me to grow and development my skills.  A starting point in … More Inforum

Happy Friday

It’s an end of an era. Phase two of my professional life is over and it’s been one incredible experience.  This picture is from 2006.  At the time I was a wide-eyed college student excited to meet Senator Levin and anxious for a picture as evidence.  I never imagined that I would work for him … More Happy Friday

Model D & Co-Working

I’m not a great extrovert.  I don’t mind putting myself out there but it’s not easy for me to approach a stranger and start a conversation. It’s something I’m actively working on and Model D events are a great place to practice because they attract people who are looking to make a connection.  Yesterday was … More Model D & Co-Working