Happy Friday!

fall, michigan

I hear a cool down is coming and I’m ready. If nothing else a change in seasons is a perfect time to hit restart and ‘turn over a new leaf’. Some items on the agenda: exercise more, eat more vegetables, and spend more time reading than watching television. I’ve been decent about two mile walks most days but I have not forgotten the importance of strengthen training. I’m not looking to do anything elaborate but these flabby arms can handle 5lb weights. I’ve never been a veggie fan but I’m going to have to be a better example and might as well start sooner than later. I was doing really well with television but the lack of energy has me on the down swing. I’m not sure the fall premiere/football season is the best time to attempt this new goal; however, I shall try.

This weekend is a busy one. I’m meeting up with Kerry today for a lunch date and it will be nice to catch up. I’m going to a seamstress to look into a risky project. I may be back downtown in the evening for a veteran event; however, it’s my first day off unisom and I honestly don’t know if I’ll have the energy. There are a few Detroit events Saturday I want to check out, Indian Village is having a yard sale and there’s the annual Dally in the Alley. It’s also Notre Dame game day at Mr. B’s and an evening MSU game at home. Sunday I’m checking off my top Fall List To-Do and going to Greenmead with Cara for a flea market. It intrigues me that I’m going to attempt two resale events in one weekend when I’m horrible at those things. Then it’s the first Lions’ game of the season AND Gina will come over for our typical Sunday night. Big picture – I have a lot of reading to do if I’m going to come close to breaking even with tv time.

P.S. I don’t think I’ll count watching clips of television shows – these skits are priceless

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