Happy Friday


22 more days. 22 more days. 12 more days? I really, really hope it’s not more than 22 days! If you can’t tell the countdown has begun. I have another cold and let me tell you it sucks. I can go to bed as early as can be but since I can’t breathe, find a comfortable position and frequently take bathroom breaks – my REM is a disaster and if this doesn’t get better before Lucas is born we are both in trouble! I definitely get why ladies are ready to throw in the towel at the end. As much as I love this personal quality time with Lucas (who has taken to moving around all time time lately – yay!), I’m kinda ready to see his face and – after a lot of cuddling and kisses – hand him off to Danny, lay on my stomach, jump out of bed and run down a hall. If I was doing a bumpdate the thing I miss most right now is the ability to move…

Rant over. Tonight, Kat is coming over for more Sex and the City. I think we’re starting season 4 and its one of my favorites for the Carrie & Big friendship. Saturday I will probably be in bed for 20 hours but for that small window I’m not, Mom and I are going for pedicures – I think it’s a preggo rite of passage… Sunday I’ll be out of bed in time for the Super Bowl at Mr. B’s but I’m not sure I’ll be awake to see the winner – I hope it’s Cam Newton and the Panthers. It’s only now occurring to me that Gina won’t be coming over Sunday night – we may hang out at a different time/day.

P.S. Perhaps I’ll have energy to crack this book open

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