Happy Friday


A new Roosevelt model for me – at least for now. Week one (day 3) of working motherhood and whoa – it’s going to be hard. My colleagues have been wonderful, I came back to some of my favorite pictures of Lucas posted around the cubicle and my new office space is ideal; however, it is work and I’m gone most of the day. I leave before 8 am and get home just before 6 pm. Lucas is ready to eat as soon as I walk in the door and ready for bed around 830. If I go to the bathroom and eat, I’m looking at 2 hours a day with my boy. I knew it would be the case but it’s still hard.

Honestly, this is going to be the easy part. Danny is home for the month so I don’t have to do anything more than feed Lucas in the morning. There is no daycare pick-up in the evening and dinner prep isn’t stressful. We also aren’t competing for Lucas time. When that changes, I may have a mini-breakdown.

The reality is life has changed. This is a new stage and a balancing act. My priority is Lucas, Danny and our little family; therefore, as hard as it will be for my ego, the ER/FDR Roosevelt Standard of living is on pause. I’m going to embrace a hermit lifestyle for a bit to adjust and enjoy.

What better way to start than a three day weekend?! Bonus is a holiday weekend with no real plans. Dinner with Mr. B Monday is the only thing on the calendar and that’s always on the calendar. We’ll probably see some folks but really I may stay in my PJs cuddled up with my guys and some Law & Order.

P.S. My work project if you’re interested

One thought on “Happy Friday

  1. You really seem to have your priorities in place. All is well, all is well and all will be well.
    You have have love and support. If you or Danny need anything let me know.
    Aunt Marg


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