Resisting the normalization of indecent behavior, the rejection of fact, and degradation of our democratic values.

Renovating our kitchen! If the world is ending I want my kitchen. It’ll be a long process but we’ve started. And like all kitchen renos in this decade it will include a farmhouse sink!

Watching all the MARVEL movies in order with Gina and Garrett. I hadn’t seen Iron Man in years and completely forgot Terrance Howard played Rhody. This weekend it’s Iron Man 2 and Thor – we’ll see if I can FINALLY stay awake through it.

Reading LOTS of books and magazines and newspapers. So much to read, so little time! And while I was reading Martha Stewart’s magazine I found more books to add to my list (specifically, Trevor Noah’s suggestions). I also found even more mad love for Martha, she tipped her hat to HRC and Steinem. #womenunite

Eating pretty well. This Persian lamb crockpot recipe was delicious. I’m planning to make Valentine cookies with Cindel this weekend – this recipe looks promising.

Planning Lucas’ 1st birthday party! It’s a month away and I’m SO not prepared. It’s 1940s Captain America theme so I need to start practicing hair styles.

Resolving to no longer eat after 8:30 p.m. as part of my year of resolve. I’ve never not eaten after 8:30 in my life, so this will be a challenge…

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