Lucas 11 Months!


Panic is setting in at the realization that my baby is going to be 1 year old in mere weeks! Where does the time go?

Danny and Lucas have SO MUCH fun together. He taught him how to stick out his tongue. It required a lot of brain power from Lucas and it was adorable to watch his face as he worked to get the mechanics right. Danny also taught Lucas how to raise his hands and say touchdown and it is the cutest thing. They also rough house, Lucas will knock Danny’s head with a Kleenex box and Danny will dramatically fall over to Lucas’ peels of laughter.

He’s getting to be a big boy but he still has his baby habits. He’ll still hold out his finger when he’s nursing and I love it. A small reminder that he’ll always be my little baby.

Every night he crawls into his sled and waits to get pulled around the basement at least 10x.

He can stand for a few seconds and loves to experiment and to show off.

He LOVES to show off. He knows he’s the center of the universe and relishes the role. He will play independently but almost only if you’re watching him adoringly.

I started a bedtime routine and it’s harder for me than him I think. I’ve never been more than a foot away from him at night and now he’s sleeping in his crib. I miss my baby cuddles but he is doing okay. The other day he spent most of his night in the crib and when he woke up in the morning (alone in the room no less!) he played with his musical whale. I was shocked when I realized he was awake and not screaming. When I went to get him, he didn’t start crying and I even managed a picture.

I used to feel we were doing well with food but we’re totally off the rails. His favorites are goldfish, chicken nuggets and mandarin oranges…

For some reason when you ask him where a person is, he’ll point to their picture.

He continues to love to read and is constantly bringing books and wants them read over and over. He’s memorized them so he knows the words. When we read I Love My Dinosaur he roars and sings when I do. He loves these Ninja Turtle books we have. He always asks Danny to read him Brown Bear, Brown Bear and his favorite page is the teacher – we think it’s because she looks like Jane at daycare.

He does great at daycare now, I’m not looking forward to the inevitable room change.

Lucas had (and spread) a stomach bug but was such a trooper – he’d puke on me and then be all smiles. He lost a few ounces and is just under 20lbs.

He’s a shorty (15%) but getting taller. He can reach the top of the trash can now and is so proud of himself, he’s constantly playing with it.

He doesn’t play the piano much but he loves his music shakers and he loves to dance.

Lucas has a mouthful of teeth and uses them. He’ll bite when he’s angry (and will get reprimanded for) but more often than not his teeth just hurt – he bite into wood furniture!

Changing his diaper is a pain because he runs away – unless I’m singing Jingle Bell Rock.

My baby is getting so big!


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