Art + Chocolate = Love


Metro Detroit isn’t the most progressive area but one thing I’m very proud of is the millage that grants tri-county residents ‘free’ admission to the Detroit Institute of Art. It’s such a treat to have no barrier for a trip to the museum and as an added bonus they offer fun community activities. One recent event brought together two of my favorite Detroit things: the DIA and Bon Bon Bon.

Visitors were invited to participate in a make your own chocolate ‘workshop’ for the Bitter|Sweet: Coffee, Tea & Chocolate Exhibition, it was fun, easy and delicious. It was also short and free; therefore, perfect for a Valentine’s date that included Lucas – can’t beat that!

An added bonus, I asked Alexandra Clark (Bon Bon Bon’s owner) if they were selling Packzi bon bons there and she offered me a free one on the spot! I was beyond thrilled at the lucky offer, I hadn’t had one in a year and it was better than I remembered!

We’re trying to stick to a budget so there are no special Valentine plans for us but a small chocolate treat would be sweet *hint hint husband*

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s treat for yourself or someone special, check out Bon Bon Bon in Hamtramck or downtown Detroit – definitely get the Packzi!

Note: The $3 scarf from Target’s Dollar Section is on my favorite things list


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