Sending Love

heart note cards

Growing up my mom always sent cards and wrote thank you notes for every gesture. I carried on in her example until recently. The price of cards are so high that I feel like people would probably prefer the extra $5 go towards a nicer gift and as much as I want to send thank you cards for every gesture, I’ve been horrible at finding the time to write the card AND get it to the post-office.

That said, letter writing is still important to me. We hardly write or find the time to communicate in complete sentences anymore and that disappoints me. One of my most prized possessions is a hand-written note card from my Aunt Sharon. It’s short but sweet and very special.

The queen of letter writing is Kat. She sends cards for every holiday and randomly throughout the year when she thinks you need it. It always brightens my day to receive something other than junk mail.

With these thoughts in mind, I decided that March’s resolution will be to send a note to one person each week. It will allow me a chance to unplug from technology, support the Post Office and perhaps brighten someone’s day.

3 thoughts on “Sending Love

  1. I sent a card a day during February (love letters in the month of love), and it was a great joy and discipline for me to think of someone each day and send thoughts of love and gratitude. One step you might want to add to your equation is to send cards that are made at a non-profit that support the non-profit. One of our craft groups makes cards; they are cancer survivors and the donations for the cards support our programs.


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