Fantasy Friday


I’m a traditionalist and firmly believe we’re losing our humanity one app at a time. That said, I’m shamefully addicted and dependent on technology. Last night I laid in bed still wired from the cup of coffee I drank at 11pm for a final push in house work and work work tasks and fantasized of an in home robot who could make my life easier. My robot would be omnipresent (my house is too small for an actual robot). These are the things she would do (she because women rock and she would have a British accent because why not?):

  • Early morning encouragement to get out of bed
  • Starts the espresso machine
  • Talk to text that actually communicates what I want to say so I can send the 50 texts/emails I would like to send to friends and family but can’t find the time for
  • Reads morning news headlines, tells me what Congress voted on the day before and answers my questions for additional information
  • Tells me the weather forecast (and is accurate) so I dress appropriately for the day
  • Reminds me what my plans are for the day
  • Plays my jams when I ask

In other words, I would like a personal assistant that doesn’t bother me or cost me money. Get on it Google.

Image: Wayfair

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