Hungry Harvest


We’re trying to eat healthier around here but like oh so many things it’s hard! Neither of us know anything about gardening or produce so the basic step of picking the right tomato at Kroger can be a challenge. The stress of what meals to make, how to pick the right vegetable and the cost associated with eating fresh was stressing me out and made an email from Hungry Harvest feel like fate.

Hungry Harvest is a produce delivery service that entered the Michigan market this month. They rescue food that doesn’t meet grocery standards for superficial reasons and sell it at a lower cost. This saves the produce from a landfill, reducing our ecological footprint and fulfilling Hungry Harvest’s mission to create a better planet for all. Win-win.

We got our first box a couple weeks ago and it was worth it simply because Lucas was so excited for the delivery! He literally dived right into the box. I didn’t know what to expect in our box and was pleasantly surprised that the food looked better than the stuff I see at the grocery store. There was also a lot of it!

The cherries alone were worth the box since they are so expensive at the store. The same is true for avocados – I ended up making the best guacamole ever with them. Lucas also got to give one to Aunt B which he loved because it’s one of the few things she eats.

This week’s box was met with equal excitement and Lucas literally invited the delivery guy into the house – which is especially hilarious because he usually tries to get people to leave. He was ecstatic to help dad put away the groceries and even though he won’t eat anything other than apples at this point I think introducing him to fresh foods will at least help open the door to him trying them sooner rather than later.

The boxes we got were full harvest ($23 a box but you can upgrade to organic) but I’m going to downsize to a mini harvest ($15) because we’re still figuring this vegetable thing out and I don’t want to contribute to food waste.

Sign up for Hungry Harvest and get $5 off your first delivery.


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