For The Boys


For the past couple months, I put on my Betsy Ross’ bonnet and pulled out the thread and needle to make custom pillowcases for Lucas and Sam. After many ups and downs the project is finally complete (well almost, I want to add buttons to the back but that could take months or years).

Before Lucas was born I made him a Super Hero Station/Tummy-Time mat to resemble Captain America’s shield and match his 1940s nursery. I sewed it without a plan and by hand and it turned out pretty good. I wanted to make something special for Sam and since the boys are sharing a room, a second tummy-time mat seemed redundant.

After some thought I decided to make a pillowcase. I didn’t want Lucas to feel jealous and this is my most ambitious project to date so I made one for both boys starting with Lucas. I did his first as a test and I’m happy to say they both look decent but Sam’s looks better. I chronicled this months long journey on Instagram stories and finally finished this weekend.

The entire project was eye-balled guess work; therefore, I have no step by step instructions to offer. This is what I can say:

  • Working by hand is peaceful
  • Making up a project as you go is fun
  • Creating something special for your kids is rewarding

They are far from perfect but I look forward to capturing pictures of the boys using them for the next few years at least.


A look back at Baby Lucas and the Cap Mat!





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