Sam at 1 Month


Sam is one month old already and I assure you it was the fastest month in my life. I don’t know how it’s even possible because I know we were just at the hospital yesterday. He seems so much bigger to me but I keep reminding myself it’s possible he isn’t even as big as Lucas’ birth weight yet since he still fits in newborn clothes.

Here are some things about Sam:

We call him Sammy, Sam-Man, Peanut and our Keebler elf.

He reminds of us baby Lucas in appearance but he is definitely his own person – a longer one (his feet get tight in onsies already).

At first he slept and didn’t eat and now it’s the opposite.

He has the best facial expressions – smiles and looks of annoyance.

Sam is a cuddle-bug and nothing hurts my heart more than my inability to relish it because I have to work. It’s a soul crushing reality that I hate more than anything ever.

Our poor baby has likely been fighting a cold most his life. He was snorting like a pig frequently and very congested but mucus is finally coming out and he sounds better. Like his big brother, he’s a trooper when he’s sick so we really wouldn’t have known except for those signs.

He also has tummy-troubles which I can’t remember if it’s normal or not but I hate hearing him cry regardless.

He tends to keep his tongue at the roof of his mouth and doesn’t take a pacifier so I’m always worried about his breathing for this reason too.

He especially loves being held in the middle of the night, when I would like to sleep…

Sam is a tummy-time champ. He doesn’t cry and turns his head. Lucas is ready for him to crawl or walk – I am not.

Sam is very low-key and the absolute sweetest. With our diverse gene pool it’s hard to imagine what a new baby will look like and who they’ll be – I never imagined Sam because he’s more perfect than I ever could have dreamed up.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve earned mom cred with Lucas or not, but Sam and I bonded instantly and from day one I felt like he knew me. Lucas knew I gave him food but I felt like he’d be attached to anyone who would feed him. Sam has only now taken a liking to eating but he’s always wanted to be close to me. It’s another reminder that being a boy mom is the best.

Speaking of boy, I can’t forget our OG and Sam’s biggest fan – Lucas.

Lucas ADORES his brother and constantly wants to see him, count his toes, give and get kisses. I hoped he would like being a big brother and I’m relieved that he has with no apparent jealousy issues (at least not yet).

Our Lucas milestones are that he continues to be a super smart and sassy. Dad is his favorite since he spoils him and this kid is a prince. He likes to boss people around and have everything done for him. I try to instill order but it’s an uphill battle and he’s still my baby so he can get me to cave.

His favorite things are Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Transformers and Cars. He’s obsessed with Cars YouTube videos and re-enacts them at home. He loves reading Little Critter books and since those were my favorite as a kid it’s extra fun. He shares his Dad’s taste in music but also enjoys Yankee Doodle and BINGO. Lucas’ thing is to make up silly names for things and it cracks me up.

Lucas HATES getting his picture taken but literally jumps at the chance to have a picture taken with Sam – I had to beg him to let us get the solo Sammy picture before he jumped in.


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